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Are Moms Better In Certain Seasons?

When my husband?s friend heard that all of our kids were going to be away for the summer, he assured Scott that he would love Summer Jen.  Summer Jen, he instructed, would be very different from Winter Jen.  At first, of course, I felt insulted, as I find myself enjoyable all year round.

But, as I acknowledged in my recent post, I’ll Be Your Wife This Summer, things are different right now.  So maybe I am different.  Maybe Scott sees it too.  It?s like that movie Fever Pitch with Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore that no one has seen.  You should know that I will watch anything, and that I believe Drew and I should be friends.  During baseball season, Red Sox crazed Jimmy Fallon was the worst boyfriend, off season, he was the best.

With summer here, and the kids all happy and tucked away at summer camp, this is my good season and I feel like I have had a good lobotomy.  I feel calm, and relaxed.  There is no wrong time to have a cocktail and now, when Scott comes home, I greet him with only a smile and some Stacy?s pita chips.

Why is this?  Don?t get me wrong; Winter Jen is not a crazed lunatic. At least not professionally diagnosed.  But everyone has to admit, even if your kids aren?t away, summer is a magical time of no schedules, no extra activities, less frequent grocery store outings.  Tanks and cute sundresses.  No school lunches to be made, no homework to be done.  I don?t even care if my kids bathe.  No real bedtime, no real obligations.  Winter Jen is worried about school projects. Winter Jen has to figure out where we will be having Thanksgiving.  Winter Jen doesn?t know how to dress for winter when it is 87 and sunny in Florida.  You can imagine that stress!

So yes, I will have to say that Summer Jen is better than Winter Jen.  I will remember Summer Jen fondly come September when I visit the grocery store twice a day, yell at Scott for something the kids did, and yell at the kids for smelling like dirty socks.

I?ll keep the Stacy?s Pitas.  They are yummy.

Random tip: Summer movies are here and now I can drink a 20oz slurpee during one and not worry.  My cousin told me about the greatest app. It?s called RunPee, and it will tell you exactly when to run and pee during a movie.  It will tell you on your return what you missed.  Brilliant, right?  How jealous are you of these app inventors?  I am going to make all of my kids learn how to write code!!!

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