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Emma Thompson May Have Lost Her Sense And Sensibility

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I think it?s a thing of human nature that we need to make other?s position on things look bad in order to make ours look better. At least this is the case with mommy wars and a woman?s decision to work outside the home or stay home and raise the kids full time.

There are so many opinions about who has it easier and harder, whose kids will most likely be more screwed up, or which type of mom should have the most guilt.

I think the mistake that most people commit when they make blanket statements about other?s life choices is their insensitivity to other?s people?s situations. They have become so accustomed to their bubble, they lose sight of how other people live, or have to live.

And this is really the case with the most recent quotes of Emma Thompson. In an article in the Daily Mail , she declared that you can?t be a great mum and work all the time. So she took a year off just to concentrate on spending time with her daughter. A lovely idea, but is it realistic for most people who don?t have an Oscar and a flush bank account?

Really, the only result of this quote is to make working mothers feel horrible, and Itunes purchases of Sense and Sensibility to plummet.

Emma Thompson has no idea that most families struggle about how to pay for  insurance, or their groceries, or new shoes for the kids. They struggle with their decisions on whether to stay home sick after they have used their sick days at work. Suggesting to take a year off from work to care for the children is a ridiculous piece of advice to women who can?t even take a few hours off to schedule a mammogram.

So if I were to have high tea with Emma, I would tell her very nicely, maybe like we were in Sense and Sensibility ?Please do not speaketh of the ways you shan?t ever understand. Please passeth the cucumber sandwiches.?

It?s advice I have given to myself when I recognized I misspoke about something to a friend, it?s advice all of us women can heed. People?s daily struggles are their own, and everyone is just trying to do their best.


*I can’t believe I am saying this, given my feelings about Angelina, and my inability to accept the Brad and Jen breakup, but check out her article about working moms. It’s a much more sensitive perspective.

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