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Is Stay-At-Home Mom A Dirty Word?

stay at home momThe other night I was out to dinner with a college friend from New York.  ?I can say this now to you, probably only you, Jen, aren?t you so happy you have your blog and book to work on, I mean, what do these other women do every day??

It was as if I was inducted into a club I didn?t apply for.  I wrote about the working vs. non-working mom issue a while back, but this was different.  Even though I love my blog and book, I consider myself a stay at home mom, (?SAHM?).  And I was kind of taking offense.  But the reality is, I understand the judgment.  A lot of things SAHM do seem really boring and tortuous.  Sometimes I put on the garbage disposal at the same time Scott asks me what I did that day.  I am busy; the mere five hours I have from the time my last kid leaves for school and my other two get home, I can definitely fill up.

Well honey, I was on the phone with insurance for about an hour, then I got a call from school to pick up Jack because he was coughing, then I took him to the doctor, got him soup, then I went back out to pick up the dry cleaning, go grocery shopping, came home to pay bills, tried to think up something funny to write (like, what’s with carpool, I have a car, but where’s the swimming? Some days better than others.), wrote a little, and boom, was at the bus stop at 2:00pm for Julia.

That?s not an atypical day.  No tennis game, no lunch with the gals, no Zumba, no mani/pedi, just brain cell depleting errands with a little time management skills mixed in. My days are rarely glamorous even though I wear heels and mascara daily, and I do have aspirations and dreams that would take me out of my regular schedule.

Here?s the thing, though. I love being at that bus stop.  I love driving them to the park to see friends.  Shit, I even love practicing cursive.  Sure I have offered sex to the dry cleaning guy to get home pick up and delivery.  I have even considered putting the whole family on that trendy calorie restriction diet, to cut down on my grocery shopping trips.  And my kids are now taking probiotics because I hate going to the pediatrician.

But for now, or until my blog pays for a really expensive pair of shoes, I will proudly write in SAHM for occupation on all forms.  Maybe with a side paragraph written in red marker, My kids think I am funny, I was a lawyer, and could work if I wanted to!

*Look out for my next one, What I Learned About Life From The Naked Lady In The Hot Tub.