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Mom Has Too Much Health and Beauty Info

Moms Are Health Food Junkies

I?ve confessed already that I have stayed up many nights, and have fallen prey to many infomercials.

My problem is that there are all these products out there with amazing claims on how they could change my life, and I am asking myself constantly, Jen, are you doing enough?

Just today,  I was getting my delicious juice made at Whole Foods and they were running a raffle for a basket holding all these healthy things– Steel Cut Oatmeal, Liquid Aminos.  I panicked.  I gave up my oatmeal kick, and I have never used those Liquid Aminos.  Should I be?  Am I slowing dying because I?m not?

There are so many options now to be healthier, feel younger, look younger.  How much do you want to hurt the friend at lunch who starts a statement with, “Dr. Oz says” ?  I start to sweat when I open an email from Sephora, subject line, Big Breakthroughs, Huge Results.  When can I get to Sephora to buy these big breakthroughs?

An Allure article titled The Next Big Things, interviews the beauty experts and store owners discussing the newest innovations and products.  This sent me on a wild goose chase for an at-home Fraxel laser not yet legal in the U.S.  Linda Evangelista, in her trial with her baby daddy, asked for $46,000 a month in child support.  Some of these funds would pay for twenty-four hour nannies.  She explained, “On days when I do not work, I am working on my image. I have to hit the gym. I have beauty appointments. I have to work toward my next job and maintaining my image, just like an athlete.?

Moms are Beauty JunkiesObviously, it?s scary when even a Supermodel believes she needs to spend every waking moment maintaining her image.  I don’t have an image, I just want to look good in other people?s Bar Mitzvah pictures so I don?t have to call them, and threaten their entire family so they remove my photo from Facebook.

So what should I give my attention and time to, and what should I ignore? Every moisturizer can?t build collagen and I tried spirulina nutrition bars, and I almost barfed.

The reality is, we can?t try everything on the market that promises to do wonders for us.  Consistency is the best plan.  It?s just that I am consistently buying a new product or incorporating a new food into my diet.  So I look to you for help.  I can?t keep waking up screaming ?Discoloration, antioxidants, gluten.?  Share your struggles with this health and aging thing and tell me what is working best for you.

And don?t be concerned that I am so obsessed that it’s affecting my duties and care for my family.  There is a great takeout place next to Sephora and it?s not like I am using my daughter as some sort of product tester.  But her sunburned skin did respond nicely to the La Mer gel cream.

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