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I?m laying on my stomach. My head to the side as she applies the solution on my raised moles. I?m told this will force them to scab and fall off and in a few months my back will be beautiful … Continue reading

So if you have gotten to know me at all you know I’m a sucker for any article that has the words glow or lifting or anti-aging in it. So when I saw an article about how to care for … Continue reading

Spaghetti squash. I literally had never heard of it until around two months ago. And I was okay without it. With all the buzz around me, I figured I had to try it. But last night, as I took it … Continue reading

You know I think there aren?t a crazy amount of positives about getting older.  And I know I write about it a lot. Consider each article a cry for help. But, when you get older, your body and mind just … Continue reading

  My friend calls me. She sounds panicked. I just got back from the gynecologist. He asked me a bunch of questions. When was your last period? — It?s been six months. Have  you been feeling edgy and irritable lately? … Continue reading