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Listen.  I fought it for as long as I could.  But it had to be done. People were in danger. I was putting myself in danger.  I had to put aside my fears, my own emotions for the good of … Continue reading

I was shopping in a Theory store the other day.  Sitting in the dressing room I watched a young girl buy her New York City wardrobe.  She was interning there this summer. I told her I too interned in New … Continue reading

I?ve confessed already that I have stayed up many nights, and have fallen prey to many infomercials. My problem is that there are all these products out there with amazing claims on how they could change my life, and I … Continue reading

My kids are back at school.  I love winter break.  I actually woke up screaming last night.  All I said was, “I have to make lunch”, and then I fell right back asleep.  I get those Sunday night blues like … Continue reading

As I plug in ?39? for one of the last times on my elliptical, a tear drops on the machine.  It?s a few days until my fortieth birthday, and I?m sorry, but it?s a little depressing. I am sure my … Continue reading