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It?s happened sooner than I expected.  I mean, I know it?s coming by December, and not ending until around April, but I was a little surprised for it now.  Thank goodness I am always prepared.  Scott came home today with … Continue reading

  I read the following horoscope last week, and I thought, that’s it.  Horoscopes are real!     Cancer (June 22-July 23):  You will have to do something you don?t want to do, simply because someone else has the power … Continue reading

  So sad.  My spring vacation came and went. It seems like as soon as you come back from vacation, you are two days back into the swing of things and you forget how relaxed you were. Whenever I go … Continue reading

I talk about sex with my friends a lot.  I like talking about it.  I find it interesting to get everyone’s take on a married sex life.  I am not nosy, it’s not like when I am not with them … Continue reading