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The History Of A Mother’s Packing

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So everyone is going so crazy that this horse, California Chrome, might win the Triple Crown. Such a feat, I know. In the Ross home, I am going for a bit of a record myself. I like to call it the Jewish Triple Crown. That?s right, I have two weeks to pack for a trip to Israel for a family of five, two kids? camp trunks, and my oldest?s duffle for his teen tour.

Many a mothers have done it, few have survived. If you walk around certain Targets, you will see some mothers who look like they live in aisle three, and they are doing their own gel manicures. And they just keep repeating, ?need water resistant shoes, need water resistant shoes.?

When did it start, people? When did the women become the packers? And why? I am not a good packer. If you ask my husband, he might even use words like abhorrent, and shameful. So why me? Why us?

Did it start with Adam and Eve? Did Adam just say one day, “honey, did you pack the apples and snake bite ointment?” And Eve agreeably says, ?yes, and extra plastic bags if you get your leaves wet.? And so it began? For every trip, every sleepover, every car ride, it?s up to me? If the kids don?t have toothbrushes, I am to blame for their yellow teeth? If my son doesn?t have his tank top, I don?t celebrate Mother?s Day next year? If not enough water in the car, I am labeled the DEHYDRATOR? It?s a pressure I never asked for or wanted. A thankless job where everyone around me assumes his and her bag will magically appear on the trip.

It?s my fault. Really, all moms? fault. We didn?t speak up early enough to change this ritual. When our kids were babies, we were so intent on impressing visitors with our kids knowledge of shapes, ?Jack, show Grandma where the circle goes.? Instead, we should have concentrated on the bigger picture ?Jack, show Grandma how to get 3oz. in that little bottle.?

If I had started the responsibility early on, I wouldn?t have my Triple Crown packing anxiety now.

And this is where my husband and I have another difference of opinion. I believe if my kids are old enough to say certain things to me like, ?I?ve seen you look better? or ?you don?t need to know who I am going to hang out with? or ?this dinner isn?t that tasty?, well, then they are old enough to pack and unpack their own bags.

I could be packing supervisor, but they do their own actual packing.

So you heard it hear first, I?m taking back my packing power. (thinking of organizing a march with Gloria Steinem too, flyer to follow) I?m teaching my kids some responsibility, and?..

I?m taking all the credit if this Jewish Triple Crown goes off without a hitch.

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