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Three Life Lessons I Learned From Kim K

As we approach the end of one year and the beginning of another, I urge my readers to be more postive in 2014. Let’s stop bashing those around us, and try to find the good in people. If we just stand back, and not judge each other so much, we will come to realize that there is much to learn from our fellow man; that we can all teach each other something valuable.

This of course brings me to Kim Kardashian. I have in the past defended her from haters. I find her very entertaining and pretty harmless. Everyone has free will, and you can either pay attention to the media surrounding her, or you can ignore it. You can deny that you have been to Sears to try on the Kardashian Kollection, and tell everyone your dress is from a fancy boutique, or you can proudly sit on your couch for eight straight hours and watch a marathon of Keeping Up, where at 8:00am, Rob was super skinny, to 4:00p.m.where his bed is covered in Kit Kat wrappers. The choice is yours.

I believe the fascination with her family will be ending rather soon, and Kim will have a hard time with that. But for now, we should focus on the positives messages Kim has given us thus far.

The Look You Are Born With Is Not the Look You Have To LIve With:

kim k face

kim k current face

Listen. I don’t judge anyone who wants to do a little work. But she was so gorgeous when she was young. And natural. I think she is still beautiful but she is starting to look like a cyborg. If a woman isn’t happy with her appearance, get a few highlights, wear a little more makeup, try a new cut. A little botox. But don’t do so much you that you could go into the witness protection program.

Be A Doting Girlfriend And Wife

Kim loves Kanye

Have you ever seen a woman be more supportive than Kim K? She dresses like he wants her too, she thinks everything Kanye does is brilliant. She follows him on tour and she is always telling everyone what a great dad he is. Personally, I think it’s a little too much. But what we can learn from Kimmie is that men do like to be appreciated for what they do. They need compliments like us women do.  So every once in a while…don’t spoil them, say something like, “Have you seen the way my guy grills a burger? It’s genius!” Or, “Honey, no one takes the garbage cans out on Monday morning like you do.” 

Just Because You’re A Mom Doesn’t Mean You Have To Stop Taking Care of Yourself

Kim is one of us now. She is part of the mom club. And I actually think she might be good at it. She takes all those cute pics, and I’ve seen her pushing a stroller. And she looks good every time I see her. She believes, as so many visionary women who came before her, like Victoria Beckham, or Jessica Alba, that just because you are a mom, you can still, and should still, look good. All you need is a little creativity in time management to balance it all.

A Spray Tan and a baby. I hear movie deal!

A Spray Tan and a baby. I hear movie deal!*

So I think I have made my point. Kim Kardashian is someone we can learn from, like Deepak or Oprah. President Obama was way too hard on her and Kanye when he said American youth shouldn’t admire them. If only he had time for an E! marathon or two.

*Please note that no baby was harmed in the taking of the spray tan photo. Also, we are aware that the dontwearsweats’ prop department is a little outdated, and we realize that the peg perego stroller is now considered ancient in the stroller world, and that today’s modern strollers can practically teach a child to read when they sit in them. They can also turn into high chairs, motorcyles, and tree houses.  We apologize if we offended anyone with our stroller.

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