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Fall trends

As you know, I was away for the weekend.  Instead of seeing the sights of St. Augustine, I saw the sights of my hotel room, as my son had 101 fever and sore throat and couldn’t move. But I am a silver linings type of girl, and my hotel time leant itself nicely to a lot of internet surfing and magazine page folding.

I am now well-versed on the fall shopping trends and styles and want to share them with you.  Trends are a funny thing. We want to try them, but we don’t want to be fashion victims who copy everything the magazines and experts tell us to do. We want to appear as if we came up with these ideas ourselves and “we were totally thinking the same thing.”

In Fall Shopping, I showed you the fashion essentials.  What you can invest a little money on and not feel guilty.  With the trends, you don’t want to spend a lot of money, cause next season, you will look at some of these purchases like you did the gross guy you hooked up with in college.  With guilt and regret.

So remember.  Trendy clothes are fun. But they come and go. Only buy your favorites that you think will come back time and time again.  I found great trendy clothes, all for under $100.00!!

Hope you like my choices.  Love to hear about your favorite trend.  Send me your pictures of your best take on the Fall trends.  Really, if you do I can totally tell Scott that I need to shop for work.

 *photo courtesy of cityfashionista

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