Raising Kids

Parenting and Shock Value

I have been reading lately about these radical parents.  The Tiger Mom, the Extreme Dieter Mom, the Dad who shot his daughter’s computer. We are a culture that craves shock value. Do we really believe that the more radical the … Continue reading

How To Teach Your Girls To Be Nice

I am scared of girls. I think girls can be very mean.  I have gone to volunteer in my daughter’s 2nd grade class, heard a girl say something nasty, and then I  started singing a few verses of  Taylor Swift’s … Continue reading

The Crazy Mom Board Game

Now things can get pretty slow in the suburbs.  Sometimes, you have to find interesting ways to amuse yourself.  So my friend Amy and I like to play, “Damn, that mom is f@#!#n crazy!  It is really quite easy and … Continue reading

Joanie and Chachi Didn’t Need That Much Privacy

I have to tell you that I am scared shitless to be a parent in this age.  Sometimes I wish I parented in the Cunningham years.  Things were so simple.  Maybe Chachi copped a feel over Joanie’s sweater set, Richie … Continue reading

My Husband Told Me I Can Sleep With Eminem

I had a dream.  My husband and I are in Detroit eating at a restaurant.  Eminem approaches our table.  He turns to my husband and says, “I will sing two songs at your son’s Bar Mitzvah if I can have … Continue reading