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Am I Like All Uncool?


There have been some great lines courtesy of movies and television shows that every time they are used, they evoke a memory or a feeling.
You had me at hello-Jerry Mcguire
Your girl Is lovely Hubbell-The Way We Were
I want the fairytale-Pretty Woman
Don?t ask me about my business-Godfather
As if!-Clueless

And this summer, we were given another little gift, courtesy of Countess de Lesseps from Real Housewives of New York. Yes, I have fessed up before to watching.  (Check out A Mom Watches Real Housewives ) I am not ashamed. In this particular episode, Luann and Heather were having an argument about having guys over their vacation home. and Luann said, ?Be cool, don?t be all like uncool.?

I now use the line daily, and of course, I started questioning my own coolness. At 43, am I cool, or all like uncool?

What a better way to test it out than on my trip to New York City with the hubby. We go there every year before we see our kids on Visiting day.

? We stayed at a great hotel that even uses the word hip in it?s description-Cool
My hip started to hurt after I pulled my suitcase out of the cab-Uncool

? Wore a super cute crop top and flow skirt around the city-Cool
Had to suck my gut in the whole time we ate lunch-Uncool

? Laid out at our hotel roof top pool with pretty people who don?t seem to have sweat glands-Cool
Laid down and realized I put my super cute low cut one piece bathing suit on inside out, had to go change, it was so hot the metal on my suit may have caused third degree burns and I was convinced I found a new mole-Uncool

? Made a 10:00 pm dinner reservation at hot new restaurant-Cool
Cancelled because we didn’t think we could digest so late, worried Open Table won’t let me make any more reservations-Uncool

? Drank really cool cocktails with cucumbers-Cool
Wondered if I could use on my eyes later-Uncool

? Walked on beautiful cobblestone streets in Uber Trendy Meatpacking district-Cool
Kept tripping on streets, asked Scott to get an Uber-Uncool

? Returned to a restaurant we frequented in our twenties-Cool
Sat next to a beautiful couple just dating and in their twenties-Uncool

? Had a beautiful stocked bar in our hotel room-Cool
Used the coffee machine way more-Uncool

? Wore my hair in a cute topknot-Cool
Saw a guy look better in his-Uncool

? Spotted the most gorgeous guy in the elevator-Cool
Could have nursed him-Uncool

Had a great time with hubby who tells me I?m still cool-

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