Beauty Tips

Mommy Is Shaving Her Face Right Now

We meet in dark alleys with our Starbucks.  We keep our drapes drawn so that our children won?t scream when they see.   We use words like ?hormonal imbalance.?  We cry to our dermatologists. We are women who have facial hair.  … Continue reading

How To Care For Your Skin

Well, it happened again.  I didn?t wash my face last night.  It is the one thing that I should do every night, and sometimes I am so exhausted that the thought of heading into my bathroom to go through the … Continue reading

What If I Run Into An Ex-Boyfriend?

You should know from the start that I was raised by a Cuban Jewish mother.  If you met her she would tell you this as if you needed to cross it off your scavenger hunt list.  As a Latin women, … Continue reading