Beauty Tips

Nude Never Looked So Good

I have searched and searched. And I think I finally found it. The meaning of life.  No. Not really. But almost as important. The perfect nude lipstick.  Now, I am a firm believer that one lipstick usually doesn?t do the … Continue reading

No Time For Squats?

I hate going to the doctor.  I don?t have a fear of them. I am fine with shots and the poking and prodding. Sometimes, I actually like the poking and prodding.  I don?t like the waiting rooms.  It?s just a … Continue reading

One Mom Finds The Perfect Blowdryer

September 12, 2013-Finally Something With The Word Blow In It That I Love: By now you know that I will try at least anything once. Beauty products, that is.  I read lots of magazines. Scroll through lots of sites.  If I … Continue reading

A Mom Loves Drugstore Beauty

We celebrated the Jewish new year this week.  A time to reflect on our past year and look forward to the next.  A time to thank G-d for everything we have.  I  expressed gratitude for my family?s health and happiness … Continue reading

What Shoe Should I Wear?

Sometimes I will be in my closet for a very long time. Kids will be screaming for food, husband yelling up that we are going to be late. “Forward my mail!” I respond.  In my defense,  I struggle a lot … Continue reading