Beauty Tips

Eye Shadows To Love

I really think one of the best ways to find great makeup or beauty products is to ask the person who is looking great, wearing a great color blush or lipstick. Ask someone with great skin what they are using. … Continue reading

We All Need A Little Optical Blurring

Product of the Day, August 26, 2014 I don?t know about you, but with each additional year under my belt,  I wake up with weird marks and bruises on my body like I am living the real life story of … Continue reading

Love To Share

  Product of the Day May 30, 2014 Okay peeps. I am not telling you something you don’t already know. If you are not putting sunscreen on daily, mulitple times a day, well, how do I say this nicely, you … Continue reading

Who Doesn’t Want Long Lashes?

Product of the Day, March 20, 2014 So I’m obsessed with mascara and having long lashes. I come from the school of Don’t Go Out Of The House Without Mascara University.  Really difficult to get into. The admissions process intense. … Continue reading

Dry, Scaly Skin? Anyone? Anyone?

Product of the Day, February 5, 2014: I feel like we have established a relationship by now. I get you and you get me. There is no judgment. You don’t think I just sit around reading about the latest beauty … Continue reading