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A Mom Becomes A Wise Shopper

  If you have followed my blog at all, you know that when a new season comes, I enjoy doing a little closet redecorating.  But I had a profound thought while driving the other day. Why do I rush through … Continue reading

The Art of Packing

As you know I enjoy travelling. But I hate packing and unpacking. First, I have a hard time limiting what I pack. I want to have options. What if I run into Mindy Kalig and she thinks I?m funny and … Continue reading

A Mom Writes A Truthful Camp Letter

It?s been two weeks since my kids have been away at camp and their teen tour. And yes I miss them. I try to write every day, but I have been noticing that my letters haven?t varied very much. I … Continue reading

Feeling Hungry At Sephora

Is going grocery shopping pretty much the same thing as shopping at Sephora? The first, you go in hungry, you fill up your cart, the second, you go in hungry, maybe a little insecure about your youth and beauty, and … Continue reading

Eye Shadows To Love

I really think one of the best ways to find great makeup or beauty products is to ask the person who is looking great, wearing a great color blush or lipstick. Ask someone with great skin what they are using. … Continue reading