Mommy Lessons

A Mom Has A Parenting Fail

I’ve always maintained that this parenting thing is tricky. Scott and I were 30 and 27 respectively with our first kid. And like most first time parents, except for those who take the classes, and child proof months ahead, and … Continue reading

Are Daughters Like Boomerangs?

I’m going to confess something right now. While I’m truly always empathetic when talking to my friends about certain issues, in my head I would whisper, “Jen, this isn’t going to happen to you.” Like a few years ago, when … Continue reading

A Mom Creates An Advice Baby Registry

Last night I was so excited to check out my friend’s baby registry. It’s crazy. My oldest is almost 16, and so much has changed with baby registries and what’s out there now for a baby. I bought her a … Continue reading

A Mom Has A Celebrity Education

So I have been away this past week, and who knew that not until I got to the airport store, did I find out I missed a lot of celebrity news. Of course I don’t give the magazines that much … Continue reading

A Mom Becomes A Wise Shopper

  If you have followed my blog at all, you know that when a new season comes, I enjoy doing a little closet redecorating.  But I had a profound thought while driving the other day. Why do I rush through … Continue reading