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The other day, right after our kids left for school, I looked and Scott and asked, ?Babe, do you think X is done growing? Is he tall enough?? Annoyed, Scott questions, ?How am I supposed to know that? What am … Continue reading

Scott and I recently celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary.  Every year we look at each other and agree that we can?t believe we’ve been together for so long.  I still pass study hall notes to him at the dinner table. … Continue reading

A joke told to my husband by his straight hairstylist:  What?s the best part of a blowjob?  The five minutes of silence. That?s just funny.  If you aren?t laughing, stop reading now. I?m always writing about how similar we are … Continue reading

Competition often gets a bad rap.  There’s now a trend where everybody plays, everybody wins. But I find that competition can be healthy and is just part of life. As we get older though, it seems that adult competition takes … Continue reading

You know how I feel about Oprah, (See Oprah Why So Deep?)  so I won?t ever call what I had an Aha! moment.  Let?s call it a, “Holy shit! That?s what has been pissing me off the whole time moment.” … Continue reading