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Don?t you think there is too much importance placed on New Year?s Resolutions?  New Year, New You?   For us moms, I believe our year begins when the school year starts.  So I propose, now is the best time for resolutions.  … Continue reading

It is with much trepidation that in two days I will be going to visiting day at my kids? camp.  Of course, I am so excited to see them, run into their arms, spend the day participating in all of … Continue reading

I loved the original Griswold Family Vacation movie.  I think it’s because, as a child, I identified with them so much.  My dad did wear a beret when we went on a touristy European vacation, and on road trips, my … Continue reading

As I type this I am actually scared!  I feel like she is everywhere and knows everything.  I am talking about Oprah, of course.  I have Sirius radio, which I purchased to get the Howard Stern Show, but from time … Continue reading

I have poured 3,975 glasses of water for my kids.  Of those said glasses, I have cleaned up at least 1,000 messes.  I have worked on 20 science projects and had 300 well check visits.  I have made 6,000 school … Continue reading