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Well.  It?s been a few weeks since the inception of my experiment. (See Mom’s Very Own Science Fair)  And what can I say?  We under-performed like the Yankees.  We were going for the championship, and we got swept in the … Continue reading

It?s been about a week since my last post.  Let me explain.  I had a bad case of food poisoning.  Now an Edibles fruit basket would have been nice, but don?t feel too bad for me.  I am a glass … Continue reading

I love going out with other couples for a good night out.  We eat, we drink, we share stories.  Here?s a doozy from the other night.  My initial shock was tempered by the lesson I learned upon mulling their story … Continue reading

I caught Sex and The City 2 on TV the other day and I figured out why I never liked it.  One, I missed Sarah Jessica?s mole.  Two, it makes me feel ancient when I see how old Samantha has … Continue reading

Hopefully by now you are getting to know me a bit better.  Maybe you have been able to tell that I like to view life?s challenges in simpler ways and can find great help in comparing everyday life issues with … Continue reading