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I cried at Taylor Swift last night.  Not because her unbelievable talent made me feel completely talentless.  Not because watching her made me realize that I too would like to play the banjo but can?t.  Not even because her bangs … Continue reading

Mommy Rut:  when the hamster wheel starts squeaking and you can?t remember what you did from one day to the next. We have all hit it.  A rut.  The days meld into each other and you swear you just saw … Continue reading

I am away with my family this week.  We are in Colorado skiing and it has been great.  Well, the only thing that hasn’t been great is my major gas problem in this altitude.  I must have 5000 pounds of … Continue reading

?Kids, mommy is going up stairs to get something, be right back.? I am upstairs, shit, what did I come up here for? I literally have no recollection.  My mind is blank.  The same blank mind when I call someone, … Continue reading