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If someone were to ask, ?What is the sex life of couples married for eighteen plus years?? I would try to make my answer as relatable as possible. The sex life of married couples of eighteen plus years is like … Continue reading

I should know it?s coming. Like when I get my lower back pain before it?s my time of the month. Every year during this time it?s the same thing. The Ross Corporation is open for business. With the school year … Continue reading

As every mom knows, part of our job is to watch our kid?s shows with them when they are young, and as a reward, when they get a little older, for me it?s around ten years old, we make them … Continue reading

As a mom to a girl, I always feel that I have a huge job. For example, from observing her father and me, Julia will learn about love and relationships. That?s some serious responsibility. And that is why, when Julia … Continue reading

Confession time. I read TMZ with my coffee every morning. It?s like my version of porn. A kid will come up behind me and I?ll slam the computer, “What are you looking at mommy?”  “Nothing, nothing.” I sometimes read it … Continue reading