Mommy Needs To Take A Time-Out

Dear Ben, Jack and Julia, Next week I will be going on a little vacation with Amy to California.  I know.  Why do I need to go away without you and Daddy?  How can I say this without sounding too … Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day

I have poured 3,975 glasses of water for my kids.  Of those said glasses, I have cleaned up at least 1,000 messes.  I have worked on 20 science projects and had 300 well check visits.  I have made 6,000 school … Continue reading

Modern Family-The Modern Day After-School Special

I love Modern Family!! My whole family loves it.  I am always smiling at the end of it, and feel that I have taken some sort of lesson away from it as well.   It is our modern day After-School Special. … Continue reading

The Real Marriage Experts

I caught Sex and The City 2 on TV the other day and I figured out why I never liked it.  One, I missed Sarah Jessica’s mole.  Two, it makes me feel ancient when I see how old Samantha has … Continue reading

He’s Just Not That Into You…In Front of His Mom. My Search for Summer Danny

Ah.  The holidays.  A time of family togetherness, travel, eating, and the inevitable fight with my husband.  We live in Florida but travel quite a bit to New York for holidays.  I love visiting New York.  Change of weather, change … Continue reading