A Mom’s Top Ten List

I?m kind of upset David Letterman and his Late Show won?t be returning in the fall. He is one of the funnier people on this earth. So in honor of him I have made my own Top Ten List: Why … Continue reading

A Mom Writes A Truthful Camp Letter

It?s been two weeks since my kids have been away at camp and their teen tour. And yes I miss them. I try to write every day, but I have been noticing that my letters haven?t varied very much. I … Continue reading

A Mom Makes A Big Deal Out of Small Moments

I apologize. I?ve taken a little break lately from my blog. I just can?t believe it?s that time again where I lose all sense of reality and sensibility and plan another child?s Bar Mitzvah.  I?m actually not acting that crazy. … Continue reading

Letting Our Daughters In On the Secret

It?s my time of the month ?again, which I could have sworn just happened, but I always forget to write down when I get it, so the CVS guy has become my cycle calendar when he asks, ?Weren?t you just … Continue reading

15 Unexpected Things I Learned On My Guided Bus Tour

I just got back from a twelve-day tour of Israel. Before you go to Israel, and you talk to people about the trip, those who have gone usually say things like, “Oh my god, best trip of my life.” “Moving … Continue reading