Fashion Finds

A Mom Becomes A Wise Shopper

  If you have followed my blog at all, you know that when a new season comes, I enjoy doing a little closet redecorating.  But I had a profound thought while driving the other day. Why do I rush through … Continue reading

I Don’t Part With My Clothes!

Have you ever seen that show Hoarders? I?ve seen it a few times and I am always shocked and disturbed. The people they profile have serious problems saving literally everything. Their stuff is piled up in every room in their … Continue reading

Florals Always In Bloom

We wait with bated breath for the fashion magazines, fashion bloggers, and overall fashionistas to decree what will be the next big trend for spring and summer. And pretty much this time of year the fashion geniuses come up with, … Continue reading

What Mom Doesn’t Love A Sale?

Product of the Day, March 13, 2014 I love a good sale. Truly, most of my favorite things in my closet have been on sale. I actually get unreasonably angry when I buy something and a few weeks later it’s … Continue reading

A Mom Buys Lifetime Party Dresses

Its nice to start a collection of something, don?t you think?  For some, it?s photographs, or stamps, or vintage drinking glasses. For me, it?s party dresses.  When I see a great dress, I get it, and then figure out when … Continue reading