What Men’s Magazines Can Teach Us Wives

So Scott reads Men?s Magazines like Men?s Health and Maxim and from time to time he likes to offer me little tidbits of information.  This last one was actually good. It was an article about how to achieve the best … Continue reading

The Real Marriage Experts

I caught Sex and The City 2 on TV the other day and I figured out why I never liked it.  One, I missed Sarah Jessica?s mole.  Two, it makes me feel ancient when I see how old Samantha has … Continue reading

He’s Just Not That Into You…In Front of His Mom. My Search for Summer Danny

Ah.  The holidays.  A time of family togetherness, travel, eating, and the inevitable fight with my husband.  We live in Florida but travel quite a bit to New York for holidays.  I love visiting New York.  Change of weather, change … Continue reading

Marriage Amnesia

Hopefully by now you are getting to know me a bit better.  Maybe you have been able to tell that I like to view life?s challenges in simpler ways and can find great help in comparing everyday life issues with … Continue reading

How To Love and Budget

                                            I think there should be a test before you get married to see if you and your guy … Continue reading