A Mom And Dad Learn How To Keep Romance Alive

I love going out with other couples for a good night out.  We eat, we drink, we share stories.  Here?s a doozy from the other night.  My initial shock was tempered by the lesson I learned upon mulling their story … Continue reading

Oprah, Why So Deep?

As I type this I am actually scared!  I feel like she is everywhere and knows everything.  I am talking about Oprah, of course.  I have Sirius radio, which I purchased to get the Howard Stern Show, but from time … Continue reading

Oh my God! I Think My Husband Is Siri

I don?t know about you, but every time I watch those Apple Siri commercials with Zoey Deschanel I want to scream!  In cute, adorable Zoey?s commercial, she asks Siri about the weather, ?Is that rain?? ?Let?s order tomato soup.? ?Okay, … Continue reading

If It’s Important To You, Then It Is To Me Too

Aren’t these men in this picture adorable?  They are at the grocery store buying their Mother’s Day treats.  They have let the moms sleep in, they have probably taken care of the grocery shopping for the week.  They are making … Continue reading

Top Seven Things To Teach Your Daughter About Relationships-Why Does it Need to Be An Even Number All of the Time?

Let me tell ya.  I think my daughter is pretty lucky to have a mom who cuts through the bullshit.  I am like Mr. Miyagi, and she is my Danielson.  I am like Doc, and she is my Marty McFly. … Continue reading