Emma Thompson May Have Lost Her Sense And Sensibility

  I think it?s a thing of human nature that we need to make other?s position on things look bad in order to make ours look better. At least this is the case with mommy wars and a woman?s decision … Continue reading

A Mom Gets Smart And Saves Her Date

She walked through the school. Looked innocent enough. No one payed much mind to her.  Moms are walking through middle school all the time. Maybe she was a volunteer or selling snacks to raise money for the school. But something … Continue reading

What I Wonder In My Free Time

Why aren’t I the type of mom who cares how thick they cut my turkey or cheese at deli counter #mom #momquestions #funnymoms ? Jen Ross (@DontWearSweats) November 18, 2013   For more mind-bending questions and thoughts, follow me on … Continue reading

One Mom Finds The Perfect Blowdryer

September 12, 2013-Finally Something With The Word Blow In It That I Love: By now you know that I will try at least anything once. Beauty products, that is.  I read lots of magazines. Scroll through lots of sites.  If I … Continue reading

A Mom Gets Smart For The New School Year

I am starting to pick at my nails a little more.  I am starting to get that feeling that I have forgotten to do something.  I am starting to get a little impatient with the hubby.  I am starting to … Continue reading