Moms Getting Healthy

As we get older, conversations with other woman will often include the aging process, and what in the world is going on with our bodies.  It’s really quite remarkable.  One day, you are this young girl, ordering the number 2 … Continue reading

Trendy and Smart

As you know, I was away for the weekend.  Instead of seeing the sights of St. Augustine, I saw the sights of my hotel room, as my son had 101 fever and sore throat and couldn’t move. But I am … Continue reading

Fall Shopping

Now even though I live in Florida, and the only seasons we have are Hot and Not So Hot, I still enjoy the idea that everyone is supposed to shop a few things for Fall.  I am realistic about my … Continue reading

Universal Beauty

I am a professional eavesdropper.  Don’t discount this. I can listen to other people’s conversations while appearing to listen intently to my husband.  We will be out to dinner, and Scott will try to talk to me, I will smile, … Continue reading

Are Moms Better In Certain Seasons?

When my husband’s friend heard that all of our kids were going to be away for the summer, he assured Scott that he would love Summer Jen.  Summer Jen, he instructed, would be very different from Winter Jen.  At first, … Continue reading