Mommy Lessons

How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex

Got a call from my friend recently.  She informed me that my daughter told her daughter what sex was.  “It’s when a guy and a girl make out under the covers” Julia explained to her friend. I was of course … Continue reading

Modern Family-The Modern Day After-School Special

I love Modern Family!! My whole family loves it.  I am always smiling at the end of it, and feel that I have taken some sort of lesson away from it as well.   It is our modern day After-School Special. … Continue reading

Mom Wars

I am not very political.  I think political groups are  like cliques with followers.  Really, you can compare anything in life to high school.  But give me a good girl fight and I have to say something.  So much in … Continue reading

Can I Still Relate To TV Shows Like Girls?

Caught the first episode of Judd Apatow produced Girls last night.  It’s a show about twenty-somethings in New York, trying to find their place in life, making some questionable choices along the way. I enjoyed the first episode and will … Continue reading

What I Learned From A Fresh Faced College Girl

I was at a party this past weekend and I met an adorable twenty-year-old girl.  She is a junior in college, wants to work in fashion, and has no visible pores on her face.  She is smiley, and enthusiastic.  Loves … Continue reading