Dear Daughter,

As every mom knows, part of our job is to watch our kid?s shows with them when they are young, and as a reward, when they get a little older, for me it?s around ten years old, we make them … Continue reading

A Day In the Life Of A Married Woman

As a mom to a girl, I always feel that I have a huge job. For example, from observing her father and me, Julia will learn about love and relationships. That?s some serious responsibility. And that is why, when Julia … Continue reading

Cinderella Needs To Wake Up

Last week my family returned to Disney world.  We hadn?t been back since 2006 and my son Jack wanted to revisit his youth before he turned the big 11. The Magic Kingdom doesn?t change.  With the exception of a few … Continue reading

Family Holidays Or Family Hunger Games?

I just came off a great New York week in at my in-laws for Thanksgiving. My parents flew up from Florida as well so we could all be together for the holiday.  Lots of eating and family time.  It was … Continue reading

Marriage’s Mini-Fights

The other day, right after our kids left for school, I looked and Scott and asked, ?Babe, do you think X is done growing? Is he tall enough?? Annoyed, Scott questions, ?How am I supposed to know that? What am … Continue reading