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Listen. I don?t like to get political, though I have found the whole process this year quite entertaining, and I spend more time than I should wondering where Hillary Clinton purchases her clothing. But I do care about the direction … Continue reading

  I am not the biggest fan of greeting cards. They are too sappy and costing at least five dollars a card, a waste of money. I don?t expect cards on Mother?s Day. I do receive the Hallmark ones, with … Continue reading

How do I know I am a good mom? When you think about it, there are few things that we know for certain we can do, and were taught to do a certain way.  Like riding a bike, tying our … Continue reading

Aren’t these men in this picture adorable?  They are at the grocery store buying their Mother’s Day treats.  They have let the moms sleep in, they have probably taken care of the grocery shopping for the week.  They are making … Continue reading

I have poured 3,975 glasses of water for my kids.  Of those said glasses, I have cleaned up at least 1,000 messes.  I have worked on 20 science projects and had 300 well check visits.  I have made 6,000 school … Continue reading