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So we?re out with friends the other night. Great night. Laughed so much. The kind of hand slapping on the table laugh. Drank a lot, but didn?t even have a hangover the next day. Did I mention we went out … Continue reading

I wrote this post almost a year ago.  I have to say, my rewriting of this beloved children’s book really helped my family. As promised, I have been an asshole back to my kid since writing Mom Discovers A New … Continue reading

How is it almost going to be the end of summer?  (Don’t tell me summer ends at Labor Day weekend.  Summer ends August 10th when the kids come off that plane looking a little too skinny and a little too … Continue reading

So let me catch you up a bit.  I haven?t written in a few weeks.  If you?ve been with me for a while you know how much I love my family summer vacations.  This summer our trip was San Francisco, … Continue reading

I am experiencing something for the first time.  An empty house.  All of my kids are gone for the whole summer.  They are away at summer camp, and for the first time in twelve years, my husband and I are … Continue reading