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I have ripped off every one of my fake nails.  I am definitely drinking more this week.  I am breaking out.  I am on edge, calling my best friend an asshole when she asks me where we should have lunch. … Continue reading

A joke told to my husband by his straight hairstylist:  What?s the best part of a blowjob?  The five minutes of silence. That?s just funny.  If you aren?t laughing, stop reading now. I?m always writing about how similar we are … Continue reading

The other night with my girlfriends we discussed attending the Maroon 5 concert.  They emphasized they wanted to get as close as possible to Adam Levine to better their chances of sleeping with him.  I listened with much amusement, all … Continue reading

You know you need a break from the everyday when you start offering sexual favors to your hubby if he would agree to take one of your kids to team pictures. You say prostitute, I say tired mommy.  Actually, I?m … Continue reading

Mommy Rut:  when the hamster wheel starts squeaking and you can?t remember what you did from one day to the next. We have all hit it.  A rut.  The days meld into each other and you swear you just saw … Continue reading