Dwyane Wade’s Favorite Show Is Friends

Confession time. I read TMZ with my coffee every morning. It?s like my version of porn. A kid will come up behind me and I?ll slam the computer, “What are you looking at mommy?”  “Nothing, nothing.” I sometimes read it … Continue reading

Three Life Lessons I Learned From Kim K

As we approach the end of one year and the beginning of another, I urge my readers to be more postive in 2014. Let’s stop bashing those around us, and try to find the good in people. If we just … Continue reading

Thanks, Selena Gomez!

Dear Selena Gomez, Let me preface this letter by saying that I had a very difficult morning before your concert.  I had to go to the doctor to have leg veins removed. As I sat in the chair waiting for … Continue reading

I’d Take Miley Over Simon and Charlie

You ever feel like you are the only one seeing something wrong?  That you must be crazy because no one else sees it? Well, this week that’s how I feel about the Miley situation.  As you know, since the VMAs … Continue reading

Five Things I Now Know Because of the VMAs

Even at 41, I still love the VMAs. Last night’s show was amazing.  And even with a silly awards show, I learned a few things.     1. I think Miley is sluttier than me, even in my best days. … Continue reading